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As a volunteer or community member? Accommodations, food contributions (or exchanges), potential income, visions, plans & goals will be worked out on an individual basis. Interested? Register on the form below and contact us by Email, Whatsapp or Telegram

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Let’s BE THE CHANGE we want to see; live, learn, build & share in community in this new world in construction. A growing eco-village, learning & retreat center focusing on ecological, social & cultural levels (protection + sustainability).

SPECIAL CALL to people looking to join our team for a long time, 6-12months or even stay living with us & devellop real projects for humankind (non-profit). People with deep love in those topics & leaders for projects :

> ECObuildings (we have 5 big plants of bambu)
> Agriculture, in 7Ha of food forest waiting for garden beds & medicinal plants
> Well-being, balanced nutrition, yoga, meditation, breathwork, ceremonies, healing with plants, water, sound, …
> Education with natural technics to develop a multi-level school for the local area.

Welcome everyone with our small team of people from Mexico & from around the world, in this lower part of the mountain (altitude +350m),15min North of Tapachula (Chiapas, Mexico) in a tropical humid climate. I am Florian, from Belgium, developing this non-profit project for humanity, I am in the area of Tapachula since +3 years but since more than a year in this wild area & serving… Such an amazing human experience surrounded by nature and her elements, in this old coffee farm, with tropical fruits, river, animals & most importantly freedom & peace 🙏🌱❤

We live, develop & share our experiences with
> Community living
> Vegan/Vegetarian food (goal 100% non processed products)
> Freeganism, Zerowaste goal, Minimalism, Upcycling
> Ecoconstruction & Ecodesign with different elements from nature : stones, earth, bambu & wood (traditional & almost fully natural)
> full solar off-grid & low-tech systems
> dry toilets (seated/non seated versions) + water/soap for no paper use
> barefoot experience
> & MUCHHH more…

Located in the south border of Mexico with Guatemala and the pacific coast, a wonderful authentic area. We have fruits trees and coffee pretty much everywhere, we are converting it to a more diverse food forest (agro-forestal system) & garden beds (food & medicinal).
You are welcome to come and discover as visitors and stay in our eco-hostal. For the volunteers we hope minimum 4 weeks of stay so that you can fully live & share the experience with nature and the group. We can share different kind of adventures, waterfalls, rivers, beach, mangroves, volcano, stay with local families, yoga, meditation,… In addition, we are connected to different people and local organizations in the area working with children, migrants or simply language courses (medium/long term).

As a non-profit starting project we can not afford to pay for the food for everyone so we ask a minimum of 15h/week (5x3h/day) to support the project & a cooperation of 500pesos/week or 1800pesos/month for the common expenses (filtered water, limited 4G internet, 3 rich vege/vegan meals/day that we will prepare & have in community) & of course a bed/hammoc in the dorm of our eco-hostal. Private rooms, private bamboo cabin or glamping depending your wishes are shared as reward for a donation or to our most committed volunteers.

Share with us our conscious, rooted & community living, protecting this forest, making this land free for humanity, you can share with locals of the area, learn from them & their customs. Be free to go to te beach (1h), to the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, hot spring (1600m), volcano (4000m), learn with us a everyday life in an old coffee farm, try to build in a different way, some natural cabins, trying to farm in a diferent way, agro-forestery and agro-ecology, try to make community differentely, go over bareers, try to live differentely, as free as possible from the matrix…

Most of our projects activities (on the side of the others that are required for a real sustainable living)
+ pizza/bread weekends for public coming sometimes
+ prepare the land for coffee season, cleaning from invasive species (harvest in December/january)
+ reproduce plants and harvest
+ Harvest bamboo (on third cuarter moon)
+ build new infrastructure for our comfort and for the public
+ build new bamboo cabins
+ Develop the funding campaign to makes this place free

Services for visitor

Meals - From $MX50

Rich vegan/vegetarian food
– $MX50/meal
You help preparing when you wish
– $MX125/day (-15%) (3 meals/day)
– $MX850/week (-19%)

    Camping spot - $MX50

    A spot for camping for 2 persons in the jungle or next by our ecohostal, material not included
    – $MX50/night
    – $MX300/week (-15%)
    – $MX1000/month (-30%)

    Dormitory - $MX75

    A bed with sheets for one person in our rooftop dormitory
    – $MX75/night
    – $MX450/week (-15%)
    – $MX1500/month (-30%)

      Basic glamping - $MX150

      Stay camping in the jungle or next by our ecohostal with all material included
      – $MX150/night
      – $MX900/week (-15%)
      – $MX3000/month (-30%)

        Private room - $MX200

        A double bed with sheets for 2 persons in a private room at our eco-hostel
        – $MX200/night
        – $MX1200/week (-15%)
        – $MX4000/month (-30%)

          Private bamboo cabin - $MX300

          A double bed with sheets for 2 persons in a private bamboo cabin in the jungle.
          – $MX300/night
          – $MX1800/week (-15%)
          – $MX6000/month (-30%)