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Socio-Ecological protection


Who are we?

People part of the project, on site and off site, are contacts, friends and volunteers who contact us by Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, with the following form or with the platform workaway. (Album photo)

The current team working on site is composed of Mariela from Mexico, Florian from Belgium, Rémi from France, Lea from Hungary.


Arrived from Belgium to southern Mexico by bike with his previous socio-ecological project “Sharebybike” which lasted 2 years around the world, with the final objective of finishing in this region in order to initiate this new project. He previously worked as a technical sales representative in IT and audio-visual as well as construction. He did a bachelor’s degree in energy and environment (physics, thermodynamics).
My typical day has Yum Kaax on video.


Who am I? I search within myself how to describe myself to you…


Who am I? I search within myself how to describe myself to you…


Always interested in nature, I completed a baccalaureate in “Management of Natural Environments and Wildlife” in France as well as a Higher Technician Certificate in “Management and Protection of Nature”. Undecided to pursue studies, I practiced holistic management (permaculture) and discovered agriculture in Europe. From these experiences, the most sustainable solution in my opinion is the reintroduction of biodiversity in agriculture thanks to agroforestry techniques by reproducing the mode of operation of primary forests. Recently, I started a trip to Latin America to develop and share my skills. Here at Proyecto Yum Kaax, since February 2021, I have been taking care of the agroforestry system of coffee and soon cocoa.


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