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Building together another world; another life style where we share, discover, learn and connect.

Looking at the actual world crises and all the things we are going through (climate change, hunger, pandemic, world wild depression and so on… just to name a few), we found ourselves building an alternative lifestyle!

We found ourselves stepping back in time, experimenting and adapting ancestral knowledge to our actual world.

We are looking for a change, preserving what needs to be and evolving towards a more humble and natural life where we can happily be ourselves.

Are you having the same call? You’re not alone in this! We are already working on a better place for us to live!

Everything started when Florian, from Belgium, started his project “Sharebybike” by bicycle across various continents between 2015 and 2017. While crossing Chiapas for the first time, he realized he was on the way to creating his childhood dream!

The Proyecto Yum Kaax really started 3 years after the end of his trip, in January 2021 on the 8 hectares of magical valley which use to be an old coffee plantation.

We aim to protect the luxurious tropical ecosystem and its reforestation while integrating an ecovillage with an educative and wellness center.

YUM KAAX, in the local Mayan culture is the guardian of Nature and of its inhabitants. Located in the state of Chiapas close to the city of Tapachula, in south of Mexico: It is a little tropical paradise, in the luxurious jungle of the pacific coast surrounded by mountains and volcanos. This place, forgotten for years, also benefits from many fruit trees, a river, small hills and fresh springs, with a tropical humid climate in a temperature range of 20 to 30°c.

We dedicate ourselves to the environmental, social, and cultural protection and development in comm-UNITY.

We are working in harmony with nature: instead of adapting the environment to us, we adapt ourselves to the environment. We use the permaculture principles, agroecology, eco-building, we bring attention on ecological awareness, use of natural materials and resources, have a zero waste goal and so much more…

Every day we share and we learn together. It’s an incredible experience connecting with each other and connecting to nature, greetings everyone with equal respect.



Give any amount you feel like, to support us.
No minimum, no maximum, everything is welcome!
We are so grateful for your generosity and love you!

    We aim to provide simple eco-housing, beautiful sustainable vegetarian food and a diversity of evolving projects. It’s a beautiful opportunity to share, learn and create a better place together whilst protecting and giving back to Mother Nature.

    Since we opened the space, we welcomed approximately 125 volunteers and more than 500 visitors from all over the world! We focus on connecting with people interested in being a part of the project as future guardians, to help us to preserve our environment.

    We are looking for support from you all to help us to allow this dream to continue…


    You can donate and support the project and be a part of our community. Help us to raise funds so we can reach our goal!

    Right now we need to raise 22.000€ to continue pay for the land and invest in some other improvements we are working on in order to keep the project growing.

    A donation will make a change. A simple click on the donate” button will help make our dreams come true. Join us on this beautiful adventure and remember that there is a family and a peaceful space here waiting for you.

    You can get one of our amazing “Yum Kaax” reward in exchange of your generosity! Check up here for more details.

    We will keep the fundraising open until June 2023 hoping to reach the final goal of 109.000€ and definitively make this private land free and open for all.

    You can also support us to give a future to this project in other ways…

    • Share this page and help us reach out to as many like-minded souls as possible,
    • Become a partner cooperator or help us to find some,
    • Volunteer here for an immersed experience…
    • Stay with us as a visitor

    We welcome any ideas or initiatives you could have.

    A big thanks to all of you who are contributing to make this a reality!

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    Total donations 2021-2024

    With our different projects from 2022 to 2024


    First goal 22.000€


    Total to free the space 109.000€